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For MPharm/Pharmacy Students, Pharmacists  &  Healthcare Professionals

Drug (BNF) summaries

Detailed but concise facts No information overload.

Quizzes & Infographics

600+ Questions,
Diagrams & Mnemonics

Interactive tutorials

Videos, Slides,
Flashcards & Mind-maps

Patient-Centred Training
with colourful bite-size video tutorials

Learning theory is pointless if you can't put it into practice. Apply your knowledge with evidence-based study techniques like active recall and patient case studies.

Prepare for your GPhC exam with confidence

 Like uni lectures but with a twist. Colourful.

 Bite-size colourful videos that double up as notes.

All the latest information in one place. Concise.

Overwhelmed by the vast amount of resources?  We collate, review and streamline everything you need to know.                No information overload.

Learn smart, not hard. 97% Pass rate.

Learn from anywhere on demand 24/7

These aren’t cookie-cutter notes.                                                          This is program with videos, audio, graphics and much more.

Concise doses of knowledge.  Work smart, not hard. Intensive courses that aren’t actually intense.

We are qualified pharmacists with years of experience in the community, hospital and pharmaceutical industry, and most importantly in education and training.  

Online Mock GPhC Registration Assessment

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Complex GPhC style exam questions designed to challenge and test your knowledge.
With clear answers and rationale.

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Track your progress with your own dashboard and results.

On Demand

Connect whenever and wherever on any device 24/7

Study Forum

Ask questions, network,
and set up study sessions.

Mock Exam

Apply your knowledge with patient-centred scenarios

What Our Students Have to Say

The most useful resource out there for me especially for exam preparation. You can revise from the comfort of your home. Information is concise, not excessive, and to-the-point. I really highly recommend to anyone struggling with pre-reg exam revision.
S. Abdi
Pre-registration Pharmacist, University of Hertfordshire
A big thank you, your website has been my main revision tool leading up to the exam and I got 95% on my clinical paper (and passed) and I feel it is thanks to you that I got such a high mark.
T. K.
Pre-registration Pharmacist, Keele university
Your resources and amazing method of teaching has enabled me to pass my exam on the first attempt.
T. Qaisar
Portsmouth University, UK
This is an engaging learning format and takes me back to days at university. You can study at your own pace. It's comprehensive, affordable and more than worth it.
W. Muhidin
University College London, UK

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Enjoy hours of premium video tutorials & lectures, 60+ lessons and 600+ questions.
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